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Wrap Up

Pearl returns back to Not So Broken Pony Land this Friday, so I guess it’s time for an update/wrap-up on how our winter of Real Work went. Spoiler alert: we’re not magically ready to hit the show ring at Second … Continue reading

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Breaking news

On Wednesday, January 27 2016, I rode my own horse in a lesson for the first time in 2+ years. I can tell you the exact date (November 4 2013) of our lesson, because the next time she came out … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup: 5/25-5/31

Tuesday 5/27: Mare is inaugurating herself as a fly mask houdini. And then comes over and stares at me like “Mom, my face itches, please do something.” I guess I’m not imagining things, as her legs really are cooler and … Continue reading

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Eliot lesson 5/2

Had my first (and most current at press time come to think of it) lesson on Mister Eliot! It was a blast. “My” previous “projects” (all the quotation marks because I wasn’t the owner and I’m sure as hell not … Continue reading

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Lessons: Prior 3/26 and Derby 4/3

Wednesday 3/26: The “Get Down to Business, I Mean It” lesson for Prior (& pilot).┬áThe mare and I were at a point where, OK, sure she doesn’t have a ton of (or any really) formal training and sure I’m not … Continue reading

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Derby lesson 3/10/14

During each of Sarah’s trips this winter we’ve tried valiantly for me to take one of her lessons on Derby, but have been thwarted by things like abscesses, car trouble, polar vortexes…but this time it finally worked out! We had … Continue reading

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Decembuary: Derby Edition

Also on my roster: The Derbinator! Sarah is a Real Adult with a Real Job, which means that A) she goes on business trips a lot and B) she’s awesome and lets me ride her horse and take her lessons … Continue reading

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