Pearl’s sexy bod

Here is a load of conformation-style photos of Pearl, in reverse chronological order. Obviously, her basic structure is not going to change. She’s got a straight shoulder, a croup you could eat dinner off of, a weak hind end, lumpy legs, giant withers, and a broodie belly. But I can improve her muscling through proper work (and her weight through jumping through various feed regimen hoops depending on what barn we’re at), and that’s what I’ll be keeping track of here.

September 2015: Looking really quite awesome, if I may say so myself. More work has brought the broodmare belly up a bit. A summer of trail riding in the hills improved her hind end. Switched to a good grain (Tribute) so I am really happy with her body condition, as she is normally quite a hard keeper. Her back is dropped a bit and she has hollows behind her shoulders, but not too shabby for 17.


May 2014: Not stood up properly because I just offhand thought I’d get a picture when she was clean. Never thought I’d say this, but my horse is FAT. Isn’t it crazy when horses are fed how they’re meant to be? Also maybe a teeeeeny bit more butt from the hill in her pasture.


April 2014: Coming off the tail end of a long winter and pretty restricted movement. No muscle, but in good weight.

January 2014. Finally working nicely until she went lame in November. Here she’s immediately lost the butt muscle we tried so hard on, but managed to hold onto a little topline.

End of August 2013, so about 2 months of work. Sweaty version (she’s standing a bit nicer/better angle) and clean version. Starting to put on some muscle!

End of June 2013. Basically starting from scratch again after 6 months of little to no riding and yet another barn owner who found the “if they’re skinny, feed them more” concept really challenging.

Mid November 2012– the calm before the storm

End of October 2012– my wild Halloween plans included wither tracings

Late October 2012

Mid August 2012. Fat neck, skinny butt.

Late May 2012– one last Motley Saddle Club hurrah before going our separate ways

Early May 2012. At my preferred weight for her but still lacking in muscle.

Early March 2012. I was feeding her a treat to keep her still and the way her neck is arched is kind of cheating in that the dip in front of her withers looks less profound than it really was, but the dips behind her shoulders are filled in and she’s got more hind end muscle.

Early January 2012. Got back from winter break and our horses hadn’t been turned out for 2 weeks…our first ride back was so not happening, so she got to run around the indoor and then roll.

Mid December 2011. It suddenly became too much to ask for barn owner to actually feed her, so in addition to paying for “extra grain” she wasn’t getting I started supplementing with alfalfa cubes again (did this when she was nursing filly while I was at school…yes, before I owned her)

Early November 2011. Topline starting to fill back in…not having a massive filly to feed helps!

Mid October 2011

Early October 2011– grey horses can have shiny-dapples too

Mid September 2011 (horrid angles both of them), bringing her back into work slowly as she had no muscles from not being ridden in 9 months!


Early September 2011, at her 2011 filly’s RPSI inspection. A couple days before I officially bought her.

March 2011. 11 months pregnant (less than 2 weeks before she popped); can you tell?

August 2010. About 5 months pregnant.

April 2010 (Our first birthday pictures together– mine is the 17 and hers is the 19). The reiner-mane cracks me up.

3 Responses to Pearl’s sexy bod

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  2. what a beautiful white horse! was the foal as white? 🙂

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