I’m a weirdo, so I like to use a lot of terms that might not make sense to the average bear. Here’s an explanation.

Motley Saddle Club: My best riding buds from college. Like the regular Saddle Club, except less weird accents and #teenybopperproblems and more mud, duct tape, and depression.

Barnsplanation: I’ve ridden at a bunch of barns throughout my riding career. Obviously anything you say on the internet can and will be used against you so I don’t want to refer to any of them by name, but I’ll keep consistent abbreviations because that’s a lot easier than “the barn I rode at before I boarded at the barn before the barn I board at now.”

  • Barn F: 2003-2009. Where I first took lessons. Hunter style, very lesson mill get your already tacked-up horse, OK now your half hour’s up. Huge divide between “lesson kids” and “show team” hence not sticking around there once I learned there were greener pastures.
  • D’s barn: fall 2007- present. I have a friend named Dusty and he has gaited horses in BFE, IL.
  • Barn O: fall 2008- spring 2012. Hosted the equestrian team where I went to college. More of a Western barn but since most of the college kids ride English they do that too. Where I bought Pearl.
  • Barn J: spring 2011- May 2012. Where I boarded Pearl in college. Quite, um, backyardy. Where the Motley Saddle Club was formed, and we practically have PTSD from it.
  • Barn P: summer 2010- winter 2012. Gave me my “champagne taste, store brand cola budget” complex. Beautiful small barn owned by a nice (former) couple with whom I was very close friends/practically lived there until Barnsplosion 2013/WW3. Boarded Pearl there summer 2010, rode Tommy there summer 2011, boarded (= worked off board because they were too nice and it was more than I could afford if I were actually paying) Pearl there June 2012-January 2013. And that’s all the story that’s appropriate for the public eye.
  • Barn W: February 2013- mid June 2013. Big barn that should probably state on its website that it would prefer once a week trail riders/absentee owners. Had to leave Barn P in a hurry so didn’t thoroughly vet it. Started looking to move after a month but got sidetracked when life exploded.
  • Barn S: mid June 2013- February 2014.
  • Barn Z: Fancy A hunter barn where I worked some mornings a week June 2013-January 2014.
  • Land of the Broken Ponies/Broken Pony Ranch/LBP: March 2014- ???. Pearl’s recuperation and/or retirement home. Owned by Lauren’s parents. Her old horse Tucker is totally Pearl’s bitch also there, and her up-and-comer Eliot is at Barn S.

5 Responses to Glossary

  1. Roberta says:

    I was at a Barn P type barn too and it left me with two things: 1.) A Barn P complex like yours and 2.) Ongoing indecision and befuddlement as to what’s “appropriate for the public eye.” 🙂

    • nataliecmine says:

      Ah, I’m glad I’m not the only one. It’s difficult to explain to those who haven’t had that sort of experience why it makes me so infuriated when something is done in a way that doesn’t make the most sense, and all I can think is “that’s not how ________ would have done it!” I still feel guilty saying “the barn” in reference to any other barn because there’s really only one “the barn” in my book…

  2. Alli Farkas says:

    I like your sense of humor! And I can appreciate the complexity of “musical barns”. Wishing you and your mare only the best! And also a big thanks for following my blog.

  3. Rebecca says:

    This is really smart to have! I would never have thought to include a glossary of sorts but can totally see the use. Maybe have to steal the concept 😀

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