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support CANTER Chicago!

Originally posted on Blinkers Off:
As many of you know from things I have posted here or on Twitter, I have been volunteering for CANTER since October.  It has been amazing. I have met so many horsepeople, volunteers, and horses…

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The perfect dressage saddle for Thoroughbreds

Originally posted on Collecting Thoroughbreds:
This used 18″ Bates Isabell is in excellent condition and is for sale at Saddler’s Row in Palatine IL. It took me a while to find the perfect saddle for my OTTBs, and here it…

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Dance Lessons

Originally posted on TB at X:
A few years back, a guy that I worked with convinced me to take Salsa dancing lessons with him. Now, I am not a dancer. Not at all. I am not graceful, I have…

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Weekly Roundup: 5/11-5/17

Monday 5/12: Well, even if my horse is broken, she at least is still holding onto some neck. Thank you, grass diet.   Next up, I rode Austin and nobody cried! Well, maybe Austin did. We had to have a … Continue reading

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When Good Riding Instruction Becomes Great

Originally posted on Horse Listening:
. Some people say that a coach can do only so much. The argument goes like this: after a certain point, there is only so much a riding instructor can say to change a rider’s…

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