Five years

Five years ago today, I signed the check that started a new era. I can’t put into words the many ways in which owning this horse has changed my life. We’ve made and lost friends, switched disciplines, been at 5 different barns, learned how to drive a trailer, gotten the hookup with a great vet…it hasn’t been easy and was objectively a poor decision financially, but my life is so much more worth living.


First ride as officially mine


Thinking about doing something naughty, probably

No celebration is complete without $6 sparkling alcoholic beverage

No celebration is complete without $6 sparkling alcoholic beverage


Enjoying the first of many buckets o' noms

Enjoying the first of many buckets o’ noms

We haven’t really been up to much lately. We’ll have some great rides, and then weather/work/whatever will interfere, and we’ll be back to the drawing board of “no please you need to slow down.”

It’s kind of a bummer. Neither of us are getting younger, and every fall I go through the motions of “maybe if we work really hard over the winter, we can show in the spring…” But how realistic is that? I haven’t taken a lesson on her in months, I can’t afford to move her to an indoor this winter, she’s not really sound… so we just hack around and dream of better days.

Whatever we’re doing seems to agree with her, though. As soon as she went out on grass this spring she bloomed. At age 18, she actually has some semblance of a topline for the first time in her life.

Top is 2013, bottom is last month

Top is 2013, bottom is last month

Fittingly, today I submitted the last of my materials for applying to vet school. I’ve been saying “I want to go to vet school” for the last, oh, twenty years, but it’s time to actually get on with my life and Do The Thing. Of course, everyone and their mom (mostly the moms) has a “oh yeah, my friend’s nephew’s girlfriend took 652453784 tries to get into vet school” story, so I’m bracing myself for disappointment. But the process was so tied up in emotion and drama for various reasons, that no matter what happens I’ll just have to be proud of myself for taking this step. Everyone just keep your fingers crossed I get in somewhere, anywhere, and then you won’t have to hear me bellyaching about it for another year 🙂

Happy half-a-decade, mare. I’m just trying to make you proud.

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6 Responses to Five years

  1. That’s a long time together and you guys are looking great! 🙂 Best of luck with the application.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Congrats on 5 years. I hope it’s a life long addiction!

  3. Hearty felicitation on having a long relationship with your horse. Most wonderful pic is that one in which you put the Champagne with buckets o’ noms. Both looking cute…. KEEP RIDING & ALWAYS MAINTAIN THE GRACE OF THE RELATIONSHIP

  4. rooth says:

    Congratulations on five years and she is lookin’ good at 18!

  5. Congrats on 5 years, that’s a long time! And on the comparison photos, it is easy to see that you have done a great job with her! Lovely horse!

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