That post got too long so here is the rest of my update

I found another thing to ride, sort of. A pony at the barn where many of my friends moved to in the Great Exodus of 2014 needs a rider, and guess who is pony sized?

Pony has spots so is presumed POA, but moves like a fancy Welsh. I swear when I have the time and money I am going to find ponies in backyards and teach them to jump little courses and be fancy and it’s going to be the best. Soon after I got the ride, pony got a paying shareboarder, so rightfully, they have pick of the days they ride. So I’ve really only been riding her once or twice a week.

Also, some combination of trying to make arrangements for Lacy, housesitting for a month straight, and tweaking meds kicked my anxiety into absolute OVERDRIVE. So I’ve been downing xanax like it’s candy and some days it’s all I can do to go to work and not have a meltdown, let alone go to the barn and deal with either other people or being alone. Mental illness sucks balls. I wish I had polio or some shit instead. We’re still working on very slowly switching SSRIs and I hope in a few weeks I’ll have leveled out and can lead a more normal life.

On to the most important update! Pearl has been (said in the whisperiest of whispers) doing great. I spent the summer trail riding her anywhere from 6-12 miles a time.

the EquiTrack app is AWESOME

the EquiTrack app is AWESOME

We did a lot of schooling in the field, and a lot of messing around with saddles and bits justincaseIcangetherintheshowringorsomethingshhhhh. She continues to make my heart sing daily with her big heart and willingness to work (most days translated as CAN WE GO FAST MOM PLEASE).


She was a little ouchier than usual and that is just how she wanted to trot that day idk man I don't ask questions

She was a little ouchier than usual and that is just how she wanted to trot that day idk man I don’t ask questions

Then we’ve been having the weirdest warmest winter ever (because global warming is totally fake and all), and it’s been too wet to ride pretty much anywhere. So then I pull her out of the pasture and she almost jumps on top of me so I stick her in the arena to work out any kinks and she looks like this

So I feel like she feels pretty OK, and I want to be able to keep riding her over the winter and not die. So I took a deep breath and took the plunge, and the beginning of January she is moving to said barn where all my friends are. Just for the winter, because I have never seen her so happy as she is at BPL, and it’s a better turnout situation for her, and she deserves that happiness. But I get to make selfish decisions sometimes, and I wanna ride, so we need an indoor. I’m trying really hard not to get ahead of myself in regards to goals for our time there. I want to be able to toodle around W/T/sometimesC and not be constrained to daylight hours and go on trail rides with friends. So as long as that happens, I will be happy with my decision. If we can get to the point where we are schooling First Level tests maybe not show ring sound but still accurate and functional, I will be thrilled. If by some miracle she can go around on decent footing and not look lame enough to get kicked out of the show ring and we can hit some little schooling shows just so I can say I’ve finally shown my damn horse whom I’ve had for six years but something is always getting in the way, I will be over the moon. I’m not holding out for that last one though. Safe, happy, and comfortable is our main goal.

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