Full circle

A couple weeks ago, I went on a road trip (my first solo trip to somewhere that isn’t Ohio!) and had the experience of a lifetime. The year before I bought her, Pearl had her 6th(??) and final foal. I’ve kept in touch with her owner over the years through the wonder that is Facebook, and when I knew I’d be heading down south this summer I asked if I could make a stop to visit the pretty girl. To my delight, she said I could not only see her, but I was welcome to ride her.

I can honestly say that riding Lacy was one of the best things that has happened to me in the last two and a half years.

There is something unbelievably special about being the first human being ever in the universe to lay your hands on a tiny perfect equine specimen. I have been so lucky to see many pictures of Lacy growing up as posted by her adoring owner… the next best thing to being there in person.  She is still the people-oriented lovebug that she was from the day she was born. She has the comfiest, floatiest trot I have ever ridden.

She is incredibly balanced for such a young horse (turned four in March) and while she hasn’t really been asked to use herself, her gaits are pure and correct.

For the love of all that is holy, BEND YOUR ELBOWS

She was not at all fazed by a new person in the saddle. I took her over a line of crossrails– she’s jumped maybe 6 times in her life and I’ve jumped 3 times in the last two years.

She’s got a case of the baby wiggles and got a little excited the second time through but her jump is smooth and easy to ride, and she has a natural lead change. She love face scritches and hates baths, just like her momma.

She even inherited her YEEEEEEEHAW face from mom

Riding Baby Laceface was a chance to feel connected to my past, and a reminder of how I’ve made it through so much in her short lifetime. I watched her breeder “push the trigger,” as it were, the day she was conceived. I remember having to cut a ride short in order for Pearl to be ready for her 14 day ultrasound. I brought Pearl home for the summer and watched in wonder as her belly expanded in just the span of a couple months, thinking of the little critter growing in there who was already so loved.


Last preggo picture

I slept in the barn for two weeks during a frigid Ohio spring…only to have my sneaky mare showing no signs of going into labor at her 3am check, and waking up to my friend’s exclamation of “Natalie, there is a FOAL in that stall!”


I watched her squeal with delight and gallop in circles the first time out in the big pasture.

I looked on with pride as she rocked her foal inspection.


I said my tearful goodbyes the week she hopped on the trailer bound for her new home.

It was hard not to feel a little wistful… if I had a 4-year-old Pearl, oh the places we could go! Her owner told me I should go to GA vet school and I could ride her anytime…how tempting is that! She would like to breed her someday, and I told her sign me up if it’s a filly. Lacy May, you are perfect and I am so honored to be a part of your life.

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4 Responses to Full circle

  1. What a lovely filly she is. Glad you got to check in on her.

  2. Erin says:

    What a beautiful mare.

  3. Oh that gave me the feels. ❤

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