The Prettiest in Purple

I mean, when you can’t really ride your horse with any specific training goal in mind, you gotta at least mug for the camera, right? Twenty years ago, Papa Glenn of Broken Pony Land planted wildflower seeds and to this day, the lupines bloom every year. Last year they came and went, but this year I was determined to do something with them. And by do something I mean drag my poor ever-faithful barn buddy to take pictures.

Cell phone photos in no way do this justice

Obviously, this meant we had to match our outfit to the flowers. P had a blast. Since she had an abscess on her birthday, this was our belated birthday gallop. Because horses totally understand the concept of birthdays and birthday presents. During our cool-down aka bit of schooling on the lawn so she doesn’t think she just gets to wildly gallop every time we go down to the front field, she was so proud of herself and marched along with her head high and ears pricked, and of course insisted on cantering a few laps. And probably would still be cantering right now if I hadn’t pulled her up.



Yes, yes she did jump over the flowers.

Yes, yes she did jump over the flowers.






Hello yes I am the proudest mare how ’bout you

I also had C snap a video while I had a captive audience, and she actually looks… not that lame?

She bobbles a little on the turns, particularly turning left, and of course she looks sort of stiff all over and rushy and just generally like a horse who is a little older and not that fit strong because, well, she is, but she’s not headbobbing lame. I will continue to be super cautious with her, but if we can maintain this for a while with our current previcox + isox + osphos every 6 mo regimen I’ll be pretty happy. And also sad that I can’t really ride her For Real. But mostly happy that she’s comfortable.


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4 Responses to The Prettiest in Purple

  1. these photos are absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Erin says:

    Just beautiful! Love the purple!

  3. Haynet says:

    We love your equestrian blog! Why not come and post it at Haynet, an equine blogging network for more to follow? Come and join us at

  4. draftmare says:

    Purple is clearly her color!

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