Things that horse people get really glad to see


The flakey stuff above her shoe is excess Equipak, not her actual foot

We found some pus! One of the many perks of working for a (n amazing) vet is you get to troubleshoot your pony problems while driving out to calls. She told me to treat it like an abscess for now– she’d just had her feet done, and something about getting spots trapped under the packet. I was a little unoptimitistic because when has Pearl ever had a lameness issue that was cheap and easy to fix? but dutifully complied. So I’m poking around her foot trying to see if I find any sore spots, and I find a nice squishy spot on her outside heel bulb. I poke it, she flinches, I poke it again, and out oozes some glorious goo. I don’t know which of us was more relieved.



So she’s now sporting a cute purple bandage to try and get the rest of the yuckies out. Of course now I feel like a first-class dope for not spotting literally the most basic of all lameness-causing ailments… but in my defense, the horse has never shown one sign of abscessing in the 6 years I’ve known her.

I haven’t stuck her on the lunge yet, but fingers crossed that was her only issue. She was already back to her normal perky self on the ground, instead of the dull depressed mare I had this weekend. She needs to be better so we can hit those trails!


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