Just a herd of happy horses

Mr. Eliot moved to Not-So-Broken Pony Land on Friday! I was really intrigued to see what would happen when we added another gentleman to the herd, since Pearl and Tucker have long since settled into their own routine.

Once they heard a horse hollering inside a trailer heading up the driveway, they were very intrigued…

We stuck Eliot in his stall to chill a bit, then figured we might as well get introductions over with before everybody lost all their marbles (Lauren and I have been traveling back and forth between barns for months, so quarantine would be pretty pointless). First E went into the small paddock/arena by himself, and much showing off was had across both fencelines



Yes we did roach his ratty mane…haters gon’ hate

Then Herd Leader Pearl went in with him. It was interesting to see her put him in his place…prior to her stint at BPL she was pretty much always second from the bottom, but I guess a few months of bossing around poor old man Tuck has given her some newfound confidence. She didn’t touch him with either end that I could tell, just herded him around the hay piles until she was satisfied she’d gotten her message across.

Then she started hollering for Tucker

So we brought him in, and things got surprising. We’d all expected that Pearl would be the one keeping Eliot away from Tucker…but Tuck actually found some reserves of manhood and very firmly inserted himself between Eliot and Pearl at all times.

Nothing like a little competition to bring folks together

After herd dynamics were sorted, we put Eliot out in the big pasture

And then Pearl

And of course the lame horse was beyond thrilled to finally have a buddy who will run laps with her! Good job, Squirrelly-May… that’s definitely the road to recovery.

“Can we be done running yet, crazy lady?”

After they FINALLY quit galloping, we put the last little duckling out. Just a little more running for giggles…

And then our three little peas settled into their pod.

By the next day, it appeared Tucker had given up on the whippersnapper shenanigans and Pearl had grown quite fond of Eliot, so Tucker seems to be the loner of the group…but no one’s come in with any significant dings and Tucker’s breathing is such that he really should be running with the other two much anyways, so I think all are pleased with that arrangement.

Seeing all the horses together has once again solidified my confidence in Pearl’s current digs. Even with not having worked in 10 months [:(], her body condition and muscling looks better than it ever has in the 5 years I’ve known her. Sure, all that galloping around has not helped her soundness, but she’d have killed herself a dozen times by now if I’d kept her on stall rest. She is even more full of personality than she was when we came here and is blooming in every sense of the word (except, y’know, soundness). Even if she does eventually come sound, I would feel beyond guilty ever moving her somewhere where she doesn’t have a big grassy pasture to run around in with her buddies, and if that means I need to sacrifice having an indoor to stay within my budget, then so be it.

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