Weekly Roundup: 5/18-5/24

Sunday 5/18: Broken pony stroll. I’d pulled Pearl off the Previcox as an experiment– she originally was on it for arthritis to get her working sound, but if she’s not riding sound I’d rather save the drugs for when we really need them. Turns out we really need them– she was back to headbobbing at a walk. Turned back, lunged her a couple circles to see just how bad she was, and that’s the end of that experiment. Poor girlie, such a trouper.

On the bright-ish side, then I got to play with Eliot and he was darling. We got to show his mom that even if he doesn’t quite get the right (literally and figuratively) lead, he isn’t going to do anything dumb or mean when he’s confused. Just gather our wits and try again (and again, and again…it’s a work in progress).

Wednesday 5/21: Eliot day again. His trot is getting easier and more similar both ways (i.e. not as much a difference between hard and easy sides); canter still not so much. After riding outside, we went for a stroll up and down the driveway to cool out.

Red Alert: Cows have been spotted

Thursday 5/22: Pearl got new shoes first thing. She was a Class-A ratface. God forbid she have to stand in the aisle for a bit before going outside. Since we don’t really know what else to do and are just throwing things at the wall at this point, she got 3-degree wedge pads under her shoes and the bar but no extra clips. The hope is that having her foot/pastern/shoulder angles better match up will take some strain off her DDFT and get her more comfy.

IMG_2138 IMG_2697


More boot camp for Eliot. I’ve noticed from photos/videos that I’m scrunching up my right leg, which is generally my go-to when I can’t get a horse off my leg. Because obviously that makes sense and is a good plan, body. So, I tried to be super conscious of that. We got a nice trot pretty easily, worked on getting that nice trot back more quickly after walk breaks, got the right lead on the second try and a left lead canter that I was able to actually work with and not just sit on. We did some stretchy trot after canter with direction switches because I don’t want us to fall prey to the walk-trot-canter-reverse-done pattern. Then we walked around the paddocks in back to cool out.


He's growing a butt!

He’s growing a butt!

Saturday 5/24: Um, I think there might be less heat in Pearl’s foot with her new shoes? I wasn’t expecting that to happen that fast? We could be on the right track? She had to get groomed ground tied in the aisle because I am a meanie, but she got some grass afterwards for her troubles.



Then E got his first real ride in the outdoor. Of course, the far corner with the jump standards is the designated Spooky Corner.



He got over the ones in the indoor eventually, so we’ll just have to ride past enough times it becomes No Big Deal. We got some decent trot each way (and a little bit of canter while fleeing the terrifying horse-eating jumps) and ended on that, lots of pets, and a bath.

His little baby-old man face…must not fall in love…


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