Weekly Roundup: 5/11-5/17

Monday 5/12: Well, even if my horse is broken, she at least is still holding onto some neck. Thank you, grass diet.



Next up, I rode Austin and nobody cried! Well, maybe Austin did. We had to have a little chat about how some people you may be able to ignore any leg and bull around with some people, but I’m not one of them. I overheard Christy talking to L at their last lesson about how much he wants to dump onto his left shoulder so made sure I made him get off it the second I hit the saddle. Soooo much leg yielding to the right in warmup. He can noodle his neck and throw his shoulders around with the best of them if you use too much hand and not back it up with seat/leg, which is actually pretty useful because it’s easy to tell when you have it right: the horse steers. We had a surprisingly pleasant ride w/t/c outside and I couldn’t even get him to do his favorite run-out-the-open-gate trick. Smartass.



Wednesday 5/14: Can you spot the Pearl? Brought her in to brush once she met me in the middle of the field.



Rode Eliot in the indoor. Whaddaya know, the young Thoroughbred needs to be turned out– he was much more focused and easier to get listening than earlier in the week when they’d been in for rain. We managed longer canters this time, with only two tries to get the right lead. After a walk break for both of us, we did some more stretchy-ish trotting.



Friday 5/16: God, what a mess.



Lauren and I double-teamed Eliot. I hopped on first. He was uncharacteristically crabby at having another horse in the arena with him, so got a good smack for snarking at the other horse when we went past and then was like oh, fine. I played human lunge line and just trotted him until his little baby brain settled (another rain day) and then L got on him while I rode Austin.


We did more bending/loosening his neck up right away type work warmup. Also, er, sharpened up his trot transitions. He’s no dummy– he’s either in screw around mode or work mode, and once I again reminded him I was serious he trotted around like the cute little dressage pony he can be. Carson rode Derby for the last time before her next surgery– wish I’d remembered to take video because they’re a super cute pair.

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