Weekly Roundup 4/27-5/3

Tuesday 4/29: Said bye to Prior in preparation for her moving the next day. Left some going-away presents (read: excuse to buy cute halter) and handgrazed her a bit since they were in that day.





Bye, little red mare…it’s been nice working with you. Be good, OK?

Got some much-needed pony cuddles from Pearl in her field.



Wednesday 4/30: How is it even possible to continue pulling muskrat-sized chunks of hair off a horse that barely grew a winter coat?


Scored an extra ride on Boomer– it’s been raining all week, which means Barn S horses are in, so when people can’t come out to ride but want to make sure their horses get out Christy plants bugs in their ears 😉 It was nice to have more of a Work On Me ride on a horse that’s a bit more confirmed in his job than my usual suspects. I had a moment of “wait, is he lame?” when we first started out before I realized the reason he felt funny is just ’cause he’s got such a short back and it’s easier for me to feel his hind legs! It was also a good chance to do the “run through the aids checklist” warmup on a horse I’m not as familiar with. He’s got a short little neck and I had a harder time getting him to flex it but persevered. I think. He’s a fun little guy with a smooth flat canter that made it easier for me to practice playing Dressage Seat.



Friday 5/2: Practiced safe horsemanship skills by grooming my horse while she ate her mush loose in the aisle.



Had a lovely lesson on Eliot. He’s a little bit fancy, one might say.

This is why the good lord invented bell boots

This is why the good lord invented bell boots

Waffled about a billion times over whether or not I had time to ride Derby…Christy made the decision for me when she was talking about standing double beats while posting in the lesson she was teaching. Tried my luck and found it took a little balance adjustment before it became easy. Made a mental note to try the exercise to check balance/alignment in future rides and of course promptly forgot until I wrote it down just now.

Saturday 5/3: Let the Very Expensive Lawnmower take care of the overgrown patches outside the pasture.IMG_1864


Had a very nice follow-up ride on Eliot. It was pretty blustery which had him a bit wired during grooming and warmup, but after lots of direction changes and bending and “hey kid, I’m up here, please listen to me” the switched flipped in his little baby brain and he got so focused in his work, and we got some lovely trot. It’s funny, now that I think of it most of the greenies I’ve worked with have been the evergreen sort that have sat with little riding/training but are “old enough to know better” and there hasn’t been as much “trot trot trot we’re trotting OMG WHO PUT THAT MOUNTING BLOCK THERE” as happens with E. He really doesn’t do anything mean-spirited though, just typical snarky teenage boy ‘tude (he just turned 6) and lack of focus but when he’s good he is very, very good.


Ended on such a good note I just ripped his tack off and took him out for grass

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