Weekly Roundup 4/20-4/26

Monday 4/21: I did a thing I very rarely do (especially these days), which is turn down a ride when technically I probably could’ve made it work. I was at a hospital appointment with Cars (oh, did you know my best friend has melanoma? Isn’t that fun shit that everyone should have to deal with in their early 20s?) when Prior’s owner asked if I wanted to ride, and while I did have the time…it was already one long morning and in lieu of sitting around worrying about what-ifs of the future I chose to kill multiple birds by accidentally stumbling across totally looking up on purpose T’s show results from last season (side note is it normal for reasonably broke horses capable of trotting in a circle to score 52’s in Intro at a schooling show while being ridden by *everybody get ready to bow down* someone on the ~show team~ or is that just a thing that happens when someone buys, oops, “adopts” a green baby Tbred and lets it sit around getting bored and doing nothing) and the idea of another 3 hours driving to have an unproductive ride because I’m physically and emotionally exhausted just did not appeal. Horse Gods of Extra Rides, feel free to punish as you see fit.

Wednesday 4/23: Tried to be productive/build up fitness by doing a ton of walk lateral work on Pearl. Which can get a little special on a horse whose foremost thought is HEY YOU PUT LEG ON ME DOES THAT MEAN YOU WANT TO GO FASTER, but we got it done without too much angry grunting on the mare’s part. Buttons are pretty rusty but a little bit there/could be un-rusted if we were able to do something other than walk in circles. Also, much much harder going right than left.



Then had a good ride on Derby. Canter transitions are getting lots easier on both of us. Still gets swappy behind going to the right after a circle or so, though.

It's hand-grazing season.

It’s hand-grazing season.

Thursday 4/24: Was a very mean mom and made the mare practice her ground-tying skills. Not easy with a horse that’s already a wiggle-worm at best, but if you’re gonna be a pasture pony ya gotta have manners.



Did the Derbster walk-trot.



Saturday 4/26: Had another weekend walk around the property with Tucker. This time everyone was much less frantic. Also, we came across a dead turtle shell and I’m totally gonna take it home when I remember.

Gave Derby a light W/T ride because he’d just gotten his snow pads off, but he didn’t seem bothered. Just nice stretchy trot stuff. Then had a productive-but-not-argumentative ride on Prior with a couple decent moments.


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