Weekly Roundup 3/23-3/29

Sunday 3/23: Went to hang out and brush. Noticed now the LF seems kind of hotter and squishier than usual, because hell, why not?

Monday 3/24: Samesies. Hey, at least small paddock turnout means I can pretend she’s excited to see me rather than “oh hello two-legged slave, are you going to bring me in for dinner?”



Plus I got to admire her excellent two-tone coat job.


Wednesday 3/26: Monthly Pentosan jab, and since leftie was still a little smushy, slapped some placebo paste poultice on that bad boy. 


Then had a lesson on Prior… wherein we determined we’re past the “honeymoon phase” and yeah, she knows what I’m asking for now so she better do it. Which requires me better making her. Which does make for a pretty picture when it does briefly come together.

Thursday 3/27: Watched Derby’s chiro appointment, which was simultaneously cool and kind of terrifying and also good thing my horse is off work anyways so I don’t have to feel bad about not getting her chiro’d.

Rode little Sherlock, as his mom is looking at more schools. We W/T/C, nothing fancy obviously, but I have noticed from watching his lessons that his canter transition is not that…prompt…so kept that in mind.



Got a text as I was getting ready to leave asking if I wanted to ride Prior… I didn’t have time to ride and still avoid traffic going home, but I did fit in a lunge session. Which was actually good in conjunction with the lesson the night before because it visually confirmed that yeah, she really does get what she’s supposed to do and when she has only herself to argue with she gets down to business a lot quicker. Cutie. We did eighteen million bazillion trot-canter transitions in preparation for hopefully cantering more under saddle maybe.


Cooled her out walking around bareback and can confirm that she is in fact narrow.

Cooled her out walking around bareback and can confirm that she is in fact narrow.


Friday 3/28: I cleaned Pearl and she cleaned my trunk.

Whatever floats your boat, mare.

Whatever floats your boat, mare.

The other barn was hoppin’. Sherlock and I did lots of walk-trot transitions. He’s so funny…the first day I ride him he’s all “oh god wait who are you? why are you riding me?” and the second day he’s like “oh hey you’re that girl who rode me yesterday, OK” and he felt much more relaxed.



By the time I got on Miss Prior the arena had cleared, and we did looooots of spiraling in and out at the trot and it did feel like I was getting a bit better of a response.

I actually don't like the color chestnut all that much (shhhh, don't tell!) but she is awful shiny.

I actually don’t like the color chestnut all that much (shhhh, don’t tell!) but she is awful shiny.

 Saturday 3/29: Went to a horse show with my long-time horse show buddy, where her trainer was showing both her (friend’s) and her (trainer’s) own horses. It was equal parts cool and bittersweet… cool because they’re another pair of nice-but-nothing-spectacular Thoroughbreds, showing that with good training any horse can go out and kick butt (firsts and seconds with mid/high 60s in 1st and 4th respectively); bittersweet because I got to watch the Training/1st company and think yeah, if we were still in work right now Pearlie could’ve kicked some arse.


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1 Response to Weekly Roundup 3/23-3/29

  1. Alli Farkas says:

    There must be something about mares and dusty surfaces. Mine likes to lick the spaces between the stall bars. Not the bars themselves mind you, just the dusty dirt in between them. Sometimes she’ll do it even while my gelding is cribbing on those selfsame bars.

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