Saturday 3/1/14: Move #4

In order to keep up with my time-honored tradition of using a different vet for every set of spring and fall shots since I bought Pearl, I of course had to move her again before spring hit. Just kiddin’….but it does sound a little less depressing put that way. In reality, there were a lot of factors that went into this move, but it comes down to the fact that for the foreseeable future Pearl is not a riding horse, and I don’t have the budget to keep her at a riding-horse barn if she’s not rideable (read: shareboardable). Fortuitously, a fellow boarder was getting ready to retire her ol’ man to her parents’ farm, and she and her parents graciously agreed to take on a boarder. It’s really about as ideal as I can do for her, under the circumstances. The barn is bright and airy, the atmosphere is quiet, and most importantly, the pastures are huge and Pearl will get to hang out and be a real horse and eat GRASS for the first time in almost two years. So as bittersweet as it is, I’m trying to remind myself of how lucky I am to have made the best of a bad situation, and trying to do as best I can for my horse.

The upside to having moved approximately eleven billionty times is that Pearl’s a pro about settling in at new places. Try not to think about how beneficial this would’ve been if we’d gotten to show.

Because she’s been in solitary for a while, she did get a good hit of both Quietex and Ace. Poor druggie horse and her druggie mama. I packed all our stuff up, and handwalked her in the arena while we waited for the trailer.

She was a little less than thrilled about getting into the Metal Box That Takes You To The Place Where They Poke You With Needles (if she gets sound enough, the poor girl deserves to go on some trail rides!) but it’s mostly a front, and she got on once she realized I had my minions backup crew with me.

Then Tucker got on

Obligatory “no she’s not tied with a chain, it was just on to load and I clipped the lead rope back under her chin to tie her” disclaimer

And we were off! It’s only about a 15 minute drive (granted, in the direction that is further from me), which is great because I can still be close enough to play musical ponies when any of Christy’s crew are away.

Damn cute, isn’t it?

I am so glad I did not have to drive the trailer up that hill

Ponies unloaded

And settled right in. It was still too snowy/icy to turn out, so they hung out in their stall a few days until it melted. No worries…give the girl some hay, a window, and a gate and she’s one content pony.

“You made me leave my snack just so you could take another picture of me? Don’t you have enough of those already?”

So, that’s where we’ll be for the next while.

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3 Responses to Saturday 3/1/14: Move #4

  1. It sounds like a great option for her right now. Hope it works well.

  2. What a great window view she has! The new place looks perfect and will probably be even more beautiful when the white finally gives way to spring green!

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