Pearl: holding pattern, more or less

As for my own little girl…no news in this case does not mean good news. After enough times watching her merrily trot around the pasture lame as can be, I decided to play Mean Mom and pull her inside for stall rest.

That, and her barely being able to stand on the bad foot while getting shoes reset.



She’s taking it like a champ, though. She’s obviously not thrilled at being stuck in, but doesn’t have that powder-keg-about-to-blow feeling to her. Yet, anyways. Silverliningly (yes that is a word now) her stall rest has coincided with the freeze-your-extremities-off cold that necessitated keeping the horses in a few times, so at least she hasn’t been stuck alone in a dark barn the whole time. She’s also got everyone waiting on her hand and foot and has successfully trained the humans to bring her buckets of hot water.

In addition to various photoshoots

I actually don't think I own enough wraps and pads for one horse...

I actually don’t think I own enough wraps and pads for one horse…

Definitely lost the butt, but not the neck yet

Definitely lost the butt, but not the neck yet

I’ve been doing all the “probably don’t really do that much, but at least make the human feel like she’s doing something” things. We’ve been alternating between regular standing wraps with all manner of potions (liniment, DMSO, arnica, aspirin cream, you name it I’ve tried it), Back On Track wraps, and Flex Sleeves.

Always fashionable in the face of adversity

I’ve also been icing her leg, packing her feet, making moonlit sacrifices, etc. I put her back on Previcox– I’d pulled her off prior to our last vet visit to get her as lame as possible for diagnostic purposes, and kept her off in hopes that if she was hurting she’d keep self-exercise to a minimum (ha, as if). Since she’s not going to be running around in her stall, I put her back on it to help get the inflammation down, because that can’t be that great for the long term integrity of her leg, or something. Worked like a charm for the swelling, although her leg and foot are still quite hot, and she seems sounder at the walk but I don’t dare try her at the trot.

I’ve actually never had a “normal” winter with her– first winter I knew her she was a school horse, second winter she was pregnant, 3rd winter we were backyarding it, 4th winter our lives exploded, and now this.

At least she was sound last winter….sigh.

It’s also been a year + now since I’ve seen my favorite sassy little man… double sigh no I won’t ever be over it

Let’s see, what else is there to catch up on? Well, I did find an alternate use for polo wraps: shock absorber!

Yep, there I was driving to work at 6:30 am on a Sunday mid-January and the guy behind me fell asleep at the wheel. Yes he had insurance; no, nobody was hurt. Just another pain in the ass. It should hopefully be back from the body shop this week, and then I’ll be able to get out to the barn on my own schedule.

Last weekend I went out to see an old friend… the one who introduced me to the folks who owned Barn P. He now lives at his new farm in Practically Iowa, IL. I’ve been meaning to visit him forever but it’s just been too much to deal with lately. I hitched a ride with a friend though, and we had a nice time hanging out and riding his horses. It was more than a little difficult because it’s so clearly his, his wife’s, and my other friend’s Happy Place, whereas mine is for all intents and purposes no longer in existence and ne’er to return… but that’s something I will just have to get used to trying to reconcile for the rest of my life. I did get to exercise my gaited horse chops again, though. I don’t know that I’ll ever be a Great Rider, but I do strive to be a decent, well-rounded rider, and it’s rewarding to see that I can switch back and forth between disciplines and apply what I’ve learned across each.

Also, I have the most beautiful horse in the world, and she’s stuck with me for life.

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  1. Thanks for visiting our blog and following. I’ve enjoyed checking out your blog, and yes – your mare is beautiful! Hope you get her soundness issues sorted out. 😀

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