Decembuary: Derby Edition

Also on my roster: The Derbinator! Sarah is a Real Adult with a Real Job, which means that A) she goes on business trips a lot and B) she’s awesome and lets me ride her horse and take her lessons when she does so.

We had a super duper awesome lesson in November that I never wrote about but here’s the video (things that also increase street cred: Newmarket quarter sheet)

Sarah has been working hard with him (in between trips, below-zero-apocalyspe weather, various injuries, etc) and it shows– I don’t have to reinstall the Go Forward Button the first time I get on him in a while. Which is awesome, because it means we get to install my own “leg can mean sideways things too” button… I was talking a little bit with my friend about it and it’s funny how we used to think of lateral work as a Big Deal you Practice Sometimes, and now that we’ve both been taking dressage lessons for a while (she is getting into eventing with her superpony Domino) it’s like durr, this is a thing you do every ride. Derbs also had some chiro work done, which really helped him with his canter. Until it got too cold to ride, especially for a horse and a human with breathing issues, and everyone (bipeds and ungulates) lost all their muscles and we all have to start from scratch. Bleh. We’ve still gotten some good rides in… and Sarah’s also been super sweet and let my Motley Saddle Club friend Carson get on him while she gets in riding shape again. Six degrees of sharing, or whatever.

Derby gets to wear Barney colors when I ride him...sorry, dude. It's a disease.

Derby gets to wear Barney colors when I ride him…sorry, dude. It’s a disease.

He does still know how to get out of work though… the best time to sprout an abscess is when mom goes out of town, right? Well played, sir.

In revenge, we torture him by making him go out with Remy the Labrador baby horse who just wants to play play hey will you play with me?

Hopefully it’ll eventually warm up again (you have to act like it might not, because you never want to tempt Mother Nature by getting cocky) and we’ll be able to get back down to business.

Quarter sheets: mostly for the horse's butt, but also for the human's legs.

Quarter sheets: mostly for the horse’s butt, but also for the human’s legs.


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  1. He’s looking so good!

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