Weekly Roundup 11/3-11/9

Sunday 11/3: Rode the Pearl in the evening. In a somewhat-feeble-but-could’ve-been-even-more-so attempt to mix things up, tried to ask for a little leg yield back to the wall at the canter– and received a lead change. Whoops. I haven’t done anything with her changes really… I know they came installed because I sure as hell didn’t put them on there. With what little playing around I’ve done, the info I’ve gathered is: she prefers to land on the left lead from a fence but will swap to right on her own before we reach the corner. On the flat, she will do an easy enough left-to-right change but right-to-left doesn’t happen without a lot of difficulty. I’m not knowledgeable enough to do anything about it on my own and we’re not at a level where we need to school it so I leave well enough alone. It’s interesting how she has more difficulty switching from her non-preferred lead over to her preferred though–my hypotheses are either it’s due to her right hock being worse (= more arthritic) or to her having more practice doing the L-to-R change due to aforementioned over fences habits. Probably some of both. I haven’t had any reason to ask for a change since getting her hocks done and my curiosity was piqued so…yup, still a fairly easy change left-to-right, didn’t get it right-to-left first try so just did some simple changes before either of us got flustered. File that away in the “things to think about when we’re ready” cabinet.


Monday 11/4: Another Pearl lesson finally! Kind of a “tough love” lesson– we really do need to get our act together (read: pilot needs to get her act together) and we finally talked about setting some goals and some exercises other than just going ’round and ’round. Rode Derby after.

Wednesday 11/6: Sue had her lesson on Pearl. They’d been in for a couple days so I handwalked Pearl for a bit to get her moving/get some of that fluid out of her legs before S got there. I was riding Prior as their lesson was starting. They got about a circle of trot in when Christy goes “Hey Natalie, good thing you’re here because your horse looks lame.” Crap. Sure enough, pretty significantly off on the RF (the original Bad Leg that had the impar ligament avulsion fracture) at the trot. Hot and squishy (more so than normal for She Of The Lumpy Legs) near her ankle. Dammit. Sue was a trouper and just walked her for another half hour, then I wrapped her up and tucked her in to her stall, because even if they were to go out the next day the mud would be so nasty she’d just torque whatever she’s got going on worse slipping and sliding out there.

My shareboarder is cuter than yours; don’t even try to argue

Everyone else seems to be of the “oh, maybe she’s just sore from being in for a couple days, maybe she tweaked something getting up in her stall” dispostion, but me, not so much. Pearl isn’t really an on-and-off horse soundness-wise– she’s either sound, or she’s lame. If she’s going to have stiffness from being inside, she’ll show it by being short and creaky behind and then work out of it. The fact that it’s unilateral, it’s up front, it’s the previously injured leg, and it came after a harder lesson than usual has me fully freaked. Dammit, she does not deserve this.

And the owner of the year award goes to….

Thursday 11/6: Rode Lil Miss Prior. Much to Pearl’s disdain, who expressed it by pulling Prior’s fly sheet, grooming tote, etc. off her trunk (they’re stalled next to each other) and dumping them on the floor. I’d pretend to be more annoyed than flattered but…

Prior was good (and looks darling all dolled up in purple and pink). My loyal paparazzo Carson took pictures and videos but in keeping with this week’s theme, the video camera is broken such that it works to get video but will not connect to the computer so I can’t retrieve said video. At least I got to watch the footage on the little video screen. We had some less-tense moments at the trot and cantered a little bit– it’s very green at this point but there’s a nice canter in there.

Then re-wrapped my main gal…poor kid.

At least she looks cozy

Friday 11/8: Sue pulled Pearl’s wraps off, then rode her at the walk about 40 minutes.

Saturday 11/9: Popped Pearl on the lunge and yep, still lame. Sigh.


Looking especially pathetic next to her “stuck inside foreverzzzzz” sign

But hey, at least I had another I could ride that night, right? Went to pick Prior’s feet out in her stall and as I was picking out her left front foot this thought popped into my head that was like “wouldn’t it be weird/ironic if she pulled a shoe and I’d have nothing to ride today.” Picked up her right front and….no shoe. Wait, what? How is this even possible? I actually picked up both fronts a couple times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Tried to find the lost shoe in her paddock but couldn’t. So, at least Pearl had company the next day until Prior got her shoe back on…

Get you and your bad luck away from me!

Get you and your bad luck away from me!


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