Weekly Roundup 11/10-11/16

Sunday 11/10: Sue pulled wraps, rode-walked for about a half hour.

Monday 11/11: It’s snowstorm season, apparently?

Happy Snowvember to you too

Happy Snowvember to you too

The only good thing about having a horse on stall rest: I don’t have to angst about her missing a day of turnout on account of horses being prone to melting in the snow, or something.

Let the squirrel in the arena to walk and roll– no rolling though, and she was starting to get a bit excited, so brought her back to her stall. Saw a few steps of trot and she was sounder on a straight line, so put her on the lunge once more… still lame. Sigh.

"This sucks, mom." You're telling me.

“This sucks, mom.” You’re telling me.

Let Prior hang in the arena for a bit while I got her tack out in case she had any wiggles. She didn’t, but she did want to check out the muck bucket and give me a Disdainful Chestnut Mare Stare (patent pending).


Got all warmed up at the walk– she seems to equate shortening of reins with going faster, so I’ve been doing lots of shortening then lengthening my reins at the walk to let her know that no, that doesn’t mean we are going to trot just yet. Picked up the trot and…felt like I was riding a washing machine. Great, I just made another horse lame. Could tell that it was definitely behind but not which leg so stuck her on the lunge for a second– right hind for sure. Let her owner know, and put her back in her stall and gave her some bute per owner request. Maybe I should just stop touching horses and spreading my bad “karma” or whatever it is.

But at least the cold snap meant Pearl got to model yet another wardrobe item– our bargain midweight blankie. Maybe she can pay her bills by becoming a Dover model or something.

Wednesday 11/13: Best lesson yet on Derby. Decent enough ride on Prior– slowly but surely, we are getting some relaxation eventually. Another thing that is good about the greenies: less baggage preinstalled, so they are very telling of your bad riding habits or personal quirks. Pearl and I have trouble with our left bend, partly because of her physical issues but also because my left leg is weaker– so, I could be giving a “level 6 of 10” cue with either leg, but an intended 6 from my left leg is really about as strong as maybe a 4 from my right leg, with an end result of her ignoring my left leg and me not back it up. I will be damned if I make someone else’s horse numb to the left leg, so I’ve been really working on making sure I reinforce my inside left leg on Prior, because I don’t want to ruin her blank slate.

“Did somebody say something?”

Amble around bareback on Pearl afterwards. It’s funny how we don’t realize how attuned we get to our regular rides until something changes to put it in perspective– even just her walk felt like coming home.

Why does such shit happen to such a sweet face?

Wrapped her up and packed her feet with Magic Cushion for good measure–can’t be fun standing around on sore legs all day and we had some compensatory opposite-side foot soreness last time too.

Thursday 11/14: Got her teeth done! Will try to remember to scan in the remarks sheet later. Of course it was kind of saddening because I had been so eager to see the difference getting her teeth done would make under saddle…sigh. Also, they measured her mouth and accounting for her tumours/scar tissue she needs to wear a 6 inch bit. So funny to think of her dainty little Trakehner face wearing a draft sized bit…poor Princess Lumpyface.


Then had a nice ride on Prior– set up 3 trot poles for her and we had the arena to ourselves so plenty of room to circle, reverse, do whatever we needed to do to get her focused on me instead of rushing around. We had some nice goes through the poles and it was good for her to have a visual cue that something’s coming up so better rebalance. We did a little canter too– I don’t want to canter her every ride at this point, because those TBs are too damn smart and I don’t want her to get into that “first we walk, then we trot, then we canter” mindset, especially not with her owner. This lesson brought to you by Tommy.


Saturday 11/16: Pearl got her feet trimmed and shoes reset. Was hoping against hope that it might just be a simple abscess or bruise, but hoof testers confirmed this was not the case. Sigh. Was planning to take her to the clinic anyways at this point, because she’s still ridiculously lame


Did get to ride Prior though. Roped Sarah into snagging some video for me. This is from the end of our ride. You can tell she is thinking sooooo hard about relaxing but we haven’t quuuiiiiite got it:


She’s a real trier, though, so I have no doubt she will get it.

While I had Sarah, I had her snag some confo shots for me as well. We’ll put some muscle on this girl yet!

In order to make ourselves (OK, just me) feel better about this leg bullshit, Pearl got some new purple standing bandages (I’d been meaning to buy them for a while anyways since the flannel ones get especially grotty, so it wasn’t a completely irresponsible “buy unneeded toys right before upcoming vet bill” move). She looks lovely in them, obvs.

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