Weekly Roundup 10/27-11/2

Sunday 10/27: Sue rides

Monday 10/28: Kickass/asskicking lesson on Derbster. Had a bit of a minorly traumatic start because upon pulling him from his stall, discovered he was dribbling snot+grain out of his nose. Not something you want to see in a horse that’s already had tieback and tie-forward surgeries. He gave a couple good sneezes and cleared whatever was up his nose, so we went ahead with the lesson. And then he did it again while finishing his grain post-lesson… Poor Sarah 😦

The booger in question

The booger in question

Then tried a last-ditch bit experiment and rode Pearl in a Happy Mouth mullen mouth, the one with the lumpy mouthpiece. It’s still a good deal fatter and less flexible than the Duo, so I wasn’t super hopeful…she started off pretty good, much better than in the Myler, but as I picked up more contact it was clear she definitely wasn’t as soft as in the Duo, and by the end of the ride she was rooting against the contact and tossing her head on a loose rein. Sigh. I’ll give it one more ride but looks like I’m stuck shelling out for the Duo. Other than that though, she gave a good ride. We worked on a bit of the same check your aids, leg yieldy type stuff that I’d done in my Derby lesson and she was game. She’s getting quite good at the littler/bigger trot in response to seat (although it’s pretty clear which end of the spectrum she prefers…). That’s muh good girl.

Princess? Me?

Princess? Me?

Wednesday 10/30: Rode Miss Prior start to finish this time. She was a good little gal. While warming up, did a lot of shortening/lengthening reins so she gets used to not always getting the buckle when she walks. I’d hoped to get a little cantering done but the arena was getting a little crowded and I’m not super sure how much we will “get” each other’s steering aids at the canter so we held off on that. You’d think that after 10 years of riding it wouldn’t freak me out riding with other people in the ring, but I’m a total 40-year-old beginner at heart. So instead we did some walk trot transitions and some “when you relax, THEN you can have more rein” walking.

I think I have a type…

Caught a bit of Sue’s lesson on Pearl, too. They’re so cute.

Thursday 10/31: Obviously the thing to do when you’re twenty-something on Halloween is go to the barn, right? Snuck a quick ride in on Prior first. Sarah was filming Remy going in his new saddle (hey did you know he’s gorgeous?) and I didn’t want to get in the way so we just sort of found a spot to trot for a bit and then hung in the middle. Not much “work” in the sense of letting out energy, but much better than her weaving in her stall and it’s good for the sensitive ones to just chill under saddle, too.

Then got Pearl dressed in her “costume” (read: excuse to dress up like a crazy person)

Yes, her legs really are that stocked up. Uuuuugh. I mean I guess that was the one day it was legitimately rainy enough I can’t get too mad that they didn’t go out (even though they went out in all weather at Barn P and no one melted, I promise). But I knew they’d be in, I should’ve at least wrapped her the night before. She didn’t do it as much at Barn O, presumably because her body was used to being in a 10 x 12 all day er’ry day. But now that she’s accustomed to moving around, you know, like horses are supposed to do, I guess the response is for her legs to blow up when she’s in all day. I feel like the worst owner in the world.

Anyways, between the stocking up and the fact that it was almost 9pm by the time I got on, we kept it quite short. Still long enough to know that a) she gets stiff when she’s inside all day, duh and b) Happy Mouth is a definite no.

Friday 11/1: Sue rode Pearl, yet another good report 🙂

Saturday 11/2: ‘Nother Motley Saddle Club: Chi Chapter session with Carson. The indoor was pretty crowded so we went outside. Which was pretty wet still, so really neither of us did much besides some “trot where you can find a space that isn’t mushy.” Derby definitely remembered the yes forward OK lady discussion from our last ride, so that was fun and gratifying. Then we tried to get one picture where the all four horses and people were making normal faces and looking generally presentable, but the horses had other plans…

OK, point taken. Tortured the mare by washing her tail and putting it away in a braid for Mud Season, in hopes that it will stay relatively more white than yellow/brown.


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