Lesson 10/28: Derby

Sarah is a traveling machine = ‘nother Derby lesson!

Pretty sure the theme of this one was “kid, put your big girl pants on.” After watching us warm up for a bit, Christy was like OK. Dude. He is not listening to you. I keep waiting for you to make a correction and you’re not. Quit sitting there like a pretty little hunter pilot and make him listen. Except, y’know, a lot nicer and also somehow without banging her head on the wall in the process?

Guilty. So then we did some walk-trot transitions and some within-trot transitions and oh hey now we look more like a person riding a horse instead of a person riding a giraffe. Cool. And whaddaya know, when you take care of the basic things right off the bat then you get to do cool stuff like leg yields. Fancy that.


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