Weekly Roundup 10/20-10/26

Sunday 10/20: Sue rides

Monday 10/21: Started off outside, but then it was getting dark + icky footing so had to move inside. We did get a little bit of pre-work cantering in on a circle where the footing was good.

Standing still time interval is up, motion mode activate

Standing still time interval is up, motion mode activate

Following our lesson, I’m trying to experiment with trying to just let her warm up without asking for much, and then slowly bring her in and get us both working harder. It seems to be working…poor creaky ol’ lady.

Then we did a little switcheroo and I hopped on Prior! She was super fun and very much “my type.” Green and kinda confused but not badly behaved in the least, and I find it soooo much easier to work with bringing back something that’s a little rushy than I do to push forward. Laziness on my part maybe, but it also helps me keep my body more relaxed when I’m not constantly pushing for forward, which obviously helps the horse. I forgot how motorcycle-y the babies feel– she definitely felt like she was going to tip over going to the left sometimes– but it was good because it made the difference when we took a more balanced corner that much more distinct. I like this little red thing.


Tuesday 10/22: Quad-pony day! Rode my little buddy Angie at work– love her.


Then walked/iced/wrapped Captain.

Theeeeen got to the barn just as Kim was finishing up Prior and she asked if I wanted to hop on…sure thing! I had to laugh at the fact that I spent all morning/early afternoon getting horses ready so I could hand off the reins to their rider, and then here I am getting the reins handed to me. I can see how people could get used to that. We didn’t do a whole lot– she was a little wound up, so I just made sure we got a more relaxed trot each way and then she got to be done.

The cobbler’s child had to be last, of course. Did our warmup walk and a little trot, and then I realized I felt like I was about to pass out. Not sure if it was the result of doing a 12-hour day of barn work and riding with only pop-tarts, McD’s fries, and hot chocolate on board, or some sort of extended panic phenomenon because the dogs got into a fight at work and people were screaming and it freaks me out. Either way, hopped off before I actually hit the deck and put pony away so her hot mess of a mom could go home and go to bed.

Sorry, babe. Better luck next time.

Sorry, babe. Better luck next time.

Wednesday 1o/23: Sue lessons

Thursday 10/24: Lauren, another boarder, is horse shopping so she wants to try all different types. I knew I wasn’t going to make it out so asked Christy if anyone needed a spare ride, so L took a lesson on her. Asked for a recap from C and Pearl was her perky little self, as ever.

Friday 10/25: Fall shots day! Snuck in a quick ride beforehand. Nothing serious, just loosening up and cantering some wiggles out.

"Do you seriously have to take a picture of me EVERY ride?"

“Do you seriously have to take a picture of me EVERY ride?”

Saturday 10/26: On top of dogsitting for 2 separate households of 2 dogs each, I went and rode 3 ponies! Best cure for insomnia ever. 

First up: The Derbinator. He had just come off a long layup and this was his first ride back, so we took it easy. We just walk-trotted, concentrating on forward (made a lot easier by the time off and the temp drop!). He was little cough-y so kept it short…from what I understand his “air days” tend to be more weather-related than anything else (so basically, no worries about it being a cardio/pulmonary issue after the time off) but I still don’t like to push it when it comes to others’ horses.


Then my favorite lil started-red-and-stayed-red (Pearl is chestnut based) mare. It’s interesting comparing her to past-Pearl…she starts out nice and relaxed on a loose rein but once you pick up the reins or ask for a trot she’s like OH GOD WE’RE TROTTING SERIOUS BUSINESS I HAVE MY GAME FACE ON. So I asked for the initial trot on a semi-loose rein so she doesn’t associate shorter reins = gonna be asked for trot (ask me how I know how annoying this can be once instilled…), then gradually picked her up a bit. Did some of that controlling-trot-tempo-with-my-post shtuff. In my limited experience I’ve noticed that horses like this do better when you do a good chunk of work then are done, rather than trot, walk around some, they think they’re done, pick ’em back up again, they get all tense wondering what you’re going to ask for next, then you have to work a million more years so you can end on a good note. It’s something I want to work towards, though, so I plan on incorporating exercises geared towards that into future rides.


Then the best gal had to go last. And her awful momma doesn’t even remember what we worked on, but I’m sure she was cute nonetheless.

Yeah, definitely cute.

Yeah, definitely cute.

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