Weekly Roundup 10/13-10/19

Monday 10/14: Sue rode

Tuesday 10/15: Horses were inside again. Made a little enclosure thingie out of the gates down at the end of the lane where there’s grass, so she got to be out for a bit at least while I got our tack out and refilled supps. Already sick of riding in the indoor but whatcha gonna do.


Post ride I was chatting in the aisle with Sarah and we got to talking about Derby, his past, pedigree, etc. He’s always reminded me a little bit of Tommy in the head and neck…wishful thinking on my part, mainly. I can’t go around thinking that every goofy bay horse with a sleepy face and a blurry star is somehow related to him…. Except come to find out they do share at least one distinctive common ancestor– Derby is out of a Halo mare, while Tommy has him 3 generations back on his sireline (More Than Ready, by Southern Halo, by Halo). And yes, I know that you can take pretty much any two American TBs and they’ll be their own grandpa have some similarities in their pedigrees if you go back far enough. But I find it ironic and a bit fitting, in a way, that the two chillest TBs I know share one of the most infamously assholeish ancestors. I know this is unhealthy in pretty much every way. I’m never going to find another Tommy. I’m never going to see Tommy again. I can’t afford to buy him and L would never sell him to me anyways…despite the fact that a year ago, she was talking about giving him to me. And even if I were handed him on a silver platter with a trust fund, it sure as hell wouldn’t bring Kevin back. But I do take the tiniest bit of solace in the fact that I’m somehow still just a little bit connected to him.

Thing One

Thing Two

Wednesday 10/16: Sue rides

Thursday 10/17: Evening ride. Did some poles that were out for a lesson.


Then decided it was finally grape weather, so put on the Grape 2.0 (when Pearl was pregnant before I bought her she had this too-big purple plaid blanket and she looked adorable/hilarious because it was too big everywhere except her big ol’ tummy, which looked like a little plaid grape).


Friday 10/18: Sue rides

Saturday 10/19: Had a barn date with Carson. First we started outside but it was chilly with a stiff breeze so I toned down the drill sergeant in me and we went inside.

Quarter sheets = everything instantly looks that much more serious

C said Pearl feels better and better every time she rides her, so that’s a good thing. They had a nice ride and Carson finally cantered her after all these years. And now she knows it’s the best feeling in the world.

Then I got on for a bit and C took some video (to be posted once I go through it)

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