Weekly Roundup 10/6-10/12

Sunday 10/6: Rode me a Derbster. We did some things? I don’t remember. Presumably more of the same from the last time I rode him. Lots of changing directions so I could get the feel of changing the bend.


Also, we wore green. It’s good to remember the most important details.

Afterward, hopped up on Boomer for a test drive of another backup ride. He’s a good little guy. Lazy (and I stupidly declined the whip when his owner asked if I wanted one because…I have no idea, I get all awkward and am like oh god if I answer yes they’ll think I want to beat their horse better not? Brain, you are weird.) but safe as houses. He and his owner are going pretty solidly at Training from what I gather, so a bit more “buttons” but still an ammy ride so I’ve got to work a decent amount for them. Good little guy though. Thanks Donna!

And then I swear I’d planned to ride Pearl, really I wanted to, but I was all tired and clammy from riding the two lazy guys and I knew I had a long week ahead of me and Pearl came out of the field like this



and I left my motivation and heart somewhere in December 2012 and I’m just so tired all the time and winter’s going to be awful but anyways, I opted to multitask by currying while she grazed. I’ll justify it by saying you need a calories in rather than calories out day every so often.

Tuesday 10/8: Happy Cappy at work– in two-point at the walk for 25 minutes because feel the burn.


The closest I have done to trail riding all fall because I am the worst

Then I was desperate to jump and I’ve got Sarah’s blessing so set a couple little fences to pop Derby over. We had a blast. Sarah warned me that he’s got quite a jump on him, and she wasn’t kidding around. The first time I ended up minus a stirrup on the landing, even. He was a total saint though and was clearly perked up with the change of pace. We didn’t do much of course…he was having a good breathing day but hasn’t jumped in quite some time it sounds like, and if there’s anything I’m more afraid of than breaking my horse, it’s breaking someone else’s horse. We trotted and cantered the X on the angle a couple times, then trotted a little vertical a couple times (I’d set it with a trot placing pole, else we’d had cantered it). The sunlight was just right such that I caught a glimpse of our shadow in the air (OK, I really shouldn’t be looking down, but if I’m gonna die it better be whilst doing something fun) and he’s got tidy little knees. Lots of cookies after that.

Oh right, you're that weird kid that takes pictures of me every time we ride

“Oh right, you’re that weird kid that takes pictures of me every time we ride”

Then rode me a Pearl. Had gotten dark by that time [:(] so we were stuck inside, but the bonus of that is that I can sneak glances of us in the windows/mirror. Did some warming up with our little shoulder-in at the walk (that C even noticed/made a comment on afterwards, so it must have actually happened!). Could tell we needed a canter session, but made sure we did lots of circles in various spots so it wasn’t just her trucking around on her forehand. Funny riding Derby and her on the same day and being like wait, which one of you was on the track again? Then ended with some trotwork, including trying not to have her hollow and pop her head up on the down transitions. Paula was watching from the wings and made a “gosh, she sure is peppy!” comment….when a Saddlebred person tells you your horse is peppy you know it must be true! She will go and go and go… but it’s good incentive for me to really get down pat the stuff we’re trying to do in our lessons, so that by the time it starts to get actually cold, we will be able to do more “real dressage stuff” i.e. work harder not longer.


“I can hear the tic-tac-toe three chestnut boys in a row getting their cookies, and I would like in on this too please.”

Wednesday 10/9: Pentosan day, so Pearl got her shot after Sue’s lesson. Luckily coincided with Sarah still being out of town, so I got a lesson in on Derby as well. (And will write it up shortly…for realz this time.)

Derby being cute:


Pearl and Sue being cute:

Friday 10/11: Pearl lesson! She continues to be so lovely I honestly could just cry.


Took Derby out just for some grass after…beating myself up for not taking advantage of the extra riding time, especially as he’s now come up lame as of since as it turned out he pulled up lame on Saturday. So on the one hand at least I am not beating myself for “omg what if he was lame when I last rode him and I didn’t notice and no one will ever let me ride their horses ever again” because the last time I rode him was in a lesson and between C and I one of us would definitely have noticed…but on the other hand, it means he could’ve hurt himself any time between Thursday and Saturday instead of being able to definitively say “he was fine on Friday, must’ve done something Saturday morning.” Pessimism 17, me 0.


Saturday 10/12: Rode Boomer (whip in hand this time). He was a good guy.


Still of the Default Setting: Lazy persuasion, but much more ready to kick it up a gear since he knew I could back it up. Practiced doing a little more full-seaty canter on him since he’s got a much flatter canter than Pearl so I don’t feel like I’m bouncing on him too much.

Then cleaned up this mess


Note the extra forethought involved in rolling early enough in the day so the mud had time to dry, and then she could create that awesome striped effect on her belly

And briefly rode her until I realized what I really wanted was a good mane cry (fall/winter is not my specialty even under the best of circumstances) so we practiced our standing still under saddle skillz. Awks.

Ear mud and everything.

Ear mud and everything.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Pearl is a beautiful creature when she’s not covered in mud. Lovely looking trot!

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