Lessons 9/26 and 9/27

Ugh, I perfectionisted myself into not writing these up until some unspecified ideal time and now I can’t remember anything. Good job me.

Thursday 9/26: Did something I’ve been planning for a while and had Christy hop on Pearl and see what’s going on there from an experienced perspective. Conclusion: she does have some training from some previous point but also “OK, you have NO response to your inside leg.” Whoops. Which is something I sort of suspected but didn’t know if it was a me thing or a Pearl thing, so opted to…do nothing about it, because that’s a healthy attitude. I mean in the grand scheme of things it’s a lesser evil than cranking and spanking her around when I have no feel for what I’m doing, so +50 not-the-worst-owner-ever points for that. So, no more babying for either of us. And Pearl’s no dummy, after a couple minutes with C on board she was like OK fiiiiiine this is familiar I’ll do it. Need something to back up my leg when she ignores it…opted for spurs over crop whip because 99.9% sure whip in Pearl-speak would be translated as GO FASTER which is not what we want. But seriously, how freakin’ gorgeous is she:

Friday 9/27: Derby lesson! He wasn’t having the best of breathing days so we took lots of walk breaks. Main focus: moving those big ol’ shoulders around. It’s funny watching how C has “catch phrases” for each of her students. It’s actually really interesting in a psychology/how things get translated/adjustable teaching way, how there can be different ways of putting the same thing but for whatever reason it’s Phrasing A that clicks for Person 1, etc. For me, the main mantra is “point his/her chest towards me [at center of circle]” as code for “keep them bent and don’t let them fall in through the inside shoulder.” So we did a lot of that.

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