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Weekly Roundup 10/6-10/12

Sunday 10/6: Rode me a Derbster. We did some things? I don’t remember. Presumably more of the same from the last time I rode him. Lots of changing directions so I could get the feel of changing the bend. Afterward, … Continue reading

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Lessons 9/26 and 9/27

Ugh, I perfectionisted myself into not writing these up until some unspecified ideal time and now I can’t remember anything. Good job me. Thursday 9/26: Did something I’ve been planning for a while and had Christy hop on Pearl and … Continue reading

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When Good Riding Instruction Becomes Great

Originally posted on Horse Listening:
. Some people say that a coach can do only so much. The argument goes like this: after a certain point, there is only so much a riding instructor can say to change a rider’s…

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Weekly Roundup 9/29-10/5

Sunday 9/29: Sue rode, gave a very good report. No “bridling war” with just the hackamore so I guess that’s settled. Pearl does seem to be aware that there is a difference between what she can pull with me vs. … Continue reading

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