Weekly roundup 9/8-9/14

Sunday 9/8: Working up to be million zillion degrees again. We did mostly walk trot in the outdoor–nothing exciting to report. Did some trot poles, some no stirrups. Pearl has been running through me in the jumping hack (insert lecture about bitting up) and while I like to ask with as little hand as possible, she is big and I am not, and if I’ve got no “whoa” to back up my body aids there’s no point. So I rode her in the shanked hack, we did a bunch of walk/trot/walk transitions, and once I was able to reinforce my seat cues and show her I really meant it, I was able to ask much more lightly.

Monday 9/9: Happy two years to us! No time to do anything other than stuff her with carrots and give her some grass, but I’m sure she thought that was just fine.

Tuesday 9/10: Rode a couple horses at work– Angie the chubby pony and Captain who is rehabbing from a suspensory(?) injury so walk only.

See? Looks like a mini warmblood.

Angie was a blast. She’s a medium pony but rides more like a horse, no strung out teeny pony canter. Super broke and comfy– C had made a comment about imagining no stirrups on Pearl would be intense and I brushed it off ’cause that’s what I’ve been used to, but it was a whole lot easier on the pony. Do they make OTTBs in medium pony size? Because that’s what I want.

This picture would be but a blur if my horse was on stall rest as long as he has been

Lesson! See here for more detail.

Pearl checking out Grover post lesson, before she was like “excuse me you are not food please leave”

Wednesday 9/11: Gave her Pentosan shot after Sue’s lesson. Was nice to have some just “hang out time” with her, since usually I have to adhere to a fairly set schedule if I want to have time to ride, groom sufficiently, fill supps that need refilling etc. Helluva lot of driving to do that on any sort of regular basis though.

Friday 9/13: Sue rides

Saturday 9/14: My dad came out to take pics. Much angst about every aspect of my riding ensued– it’s so hard for me to turn off the switch in my brain that says “good eq = good riding” so when I see a picture of myself the first thing that pops out at me first is always “oh no my leg is too far forward/back, my elbows need to be bent more, my wrist is cocked funny, my heels aren’t down” rather than how my horse actually looked. Also, the problem with your photographer not being a horse person is that the moments he likes to capture are…not entirely the moments I like to look back at. Pearl-girl was good. I get so stressed when my parent(s) come to the barn because I don’t want things to get all “are we having fun yet” so we didn’t do as much work-work as I’d have liked– might as well combine Pearl’s “fun days” [Pearl translation = lots of cantering] with my not-so-focused days.

Sometimes we get stuck in power-trot mode

Also I feel bad telling my dad to move out of the way when he’s being nice and taking pictures, so we pretty much had room for big circles at either end. We did get some nice trot at the end though…

…of course our best work would be while my dad’s busy taking pictures of the dog

Also, have you ever seen such a pretty face?

Nope, bet you haven’t.

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