Pearl’s broodmare career

Right, so apparently I go a little nuts when I don’t see horses for three days. Mental note…even if Sue is riding I can still go out and visit Miss Mare. Need to plan such things better. In lieu of actual horse time, I can write a little bit about what I know of Pearl’s past. I’m not sure what she did in the way of an actual performance career, but she sure did pop out a bunch of babies, and luckily pictures of most of them are online.

Pearls Gold aka Zach– 2005 grey gelding by All the Gold

Benjamin– 2006 grey gelding by Popeye K

Bruce– 2007 grey gelding by Popeye K

Decadence K aka Kylie aka Kadence– 2008 mare by Popeye K (She’s for sale; someone buy her so I can keep track!)


The only picture I’ve been able to find of her from that farm…must have been circa 2008?

Laced in Silver aka Lacy– 2011 filly by Landonn I. Lacy was bred while Pearl was still owner by her previous owners but it was sort of unofficial at that point that I was going to buy her. Because it was a lesson barn, they moved her next door to a private farm so there wouldn’t be a million little kids disturbing mom & new foal… which just so happened to be where my friend was keeping her pony, so I got to be there all the time and basically do everything I’d do if I owned her, except for ride her. We slept at the barn for two of the coldest weeks before spring came…so of course Pearl foaled between 1 am and 6 am the night after the vet had checked her and said “nah, she’ll be a week yet.” I got to hang out with Pearl and Lacy that spring until I went back home for summer, and then went to their inspection before baby was weaned. I still stay in touch with Lacy’s owner on facebook, so I get to see tons of pictures of her as she grows up, which is neat because I see so much of Pearl in her that it’s almost like seeing her as a foal.

Pearl’s even got a grandkid, a 2012 colt out of Kadence by Cunningham

Do I think she should have been bred, particularly to that degree? No way. She’s a nice mare, for certain– WAY nicer than I ever thought I’d have for a first horse. But I don’t think she’s the absolute best of the best, and that’s what should be bred. She seems to fit into the no man’s land between not fancy enough for higher level competition (she was bred by the lady that owned Rocher, I’ve been able to track down a couple half siblings who have shown some) and she only became what I’d call “ammy friendly” around 13 or 14. She was also bred for more hunter type foals at Larkspur, and she doesn’t jump like much of a hunter, moves somewhere between hunter and dressage horse, and the TKs have a reputation of being a bit hot for hunters (I shadowed at a vet clinic in undergrad, and one horse that came in, any time he’d spook a bit his owner would say “oh, that’s the Trakehner in him”– horse was maybe an eight Trak), so I’m not sure what the thought process was. From what I saw she was a wonderful mom and I’m sure she passed on her sweet demeanor to her foals (actually Lacy was the only foal by that stallion that wasn’t a complete idiot in one way or another…although that might have to do with the fact that she was actually handled as a suckling/weanling rather than never touched and then broke at 2) but the breeding world could have done a lot better (don’t worry, I don’t plan on reproducing either!). Ah well…I think her foals have enough connections that they’re not likely to end up in a bad situation, and I’m not breeding her, so what’s done is done, and they still are nicer horses than a lot out there.

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2 Responses to Pearl’s broodmare career

  1. I’m not sure what you’re seeing but I think all of her babies look VERY lovely! Of course, how they move and perform, idk- but their pictures are gorgeous! And omg, her grand kid- what a jump! I’ll take him. Dark bays with white are my favorite.

  2. nataliecmine says:

    Oh, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the babies…I think they’re lovely too! But like think of how much nicer they’d be if they’d been out of a mare with a better hind end, more open shoulder, nicer jump…I know the final one was not well planned out at all, more like “hey well we have this stallion and this mare so why not make a baby.” I’m guessing the other ones were more purposeful given who the studs are, but she’s got no hunter background so I dunno why they chose her as a broodie. I totally agree though– I wouldn’t kick any of them out of my barn, for sure!

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