Weekly roundup

Not much else to report, but I need to get in the habit of posting every week, so I gotta. Pearl had a date with the farrier this weekend. Since she was sound for the first year+ I owned her, we obviously were due for a good vet bill at some point. We played the mystery lameness game for a bit this spring, and the ultimate culprit was a partial avulsion fracture of her impar ligament at her navicular bone. Per vet’s instructions, we’re shoeing her similar to how you’d shoe a navicular syndrome horse on that foot. Except instead of putting a wedge or heart/egg bar shoes, she gets the bar put midway up her foot so it’s supporting underneath her navicular and coffin bones. Our new farrier’s been awesome and even called the vet to consult re: shoeing instructions (probably because I am a huge ditz and lose the ability to speak the second I pick up the phone so I was like “she needs shoes, a bar, ligament, navicular except not, weld the bar buhhhhh”). She got her shoes on shortly after we moved to Barn S at the end of June, and has been sound (for what I want her to do, anyways) since. Picture album of her fancy footwear here. So, she got a trim and a reset Saturday afternoon. I’m not going to be out to see her for a few days between work and shareboard, so I hopped on her after for a little bit of walk-trot. We practiced the same things as in our lesson. I have a tendency to give myself a little bit of a bumdown (like a meltdown except instead of hysterics it’s just general bummedness) the ride after a lesson because why can’t I do it on my own I am never going to be a good rider I’m just one of those ammy ‘murricans who can’t ride without a trainer holding her hand etc. So we made sure we had stuff down at the walk before moving to the trot, and quit as soon as we hit a good note. That was my 3rd ride in Sue’s dressage saddle instead of my jumping saddle (which is also a bit wide for Pearl right now, since she lost a ton of muscle during 2013-is-the-worst-year-ever) and it was interesting to feel how with my leg falling more underneath me and my body more upright, I used different muscles in my thighs.

Also, since it looks like dressage is going to be our thing for a while, and having the right Stuff instantly makes you 12 times more qualified to perform, I obviously had to get us some dressage saddle pads, so we had to model one of those.


Totally legit, right? We’re going to look just like Daddy in no time.

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1 Response to Weekly roundup

  1. Lol a bumdown, I like that terminology- sounds like what I do! Pretty picture, she definitely does look like a Pearl.

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