Another reason I have the best mare

You’ll hear me talk a lot about people calling Pearl “crazy.” I can’t stand it when people try to make themselves look like better riders because oh man what a crazy horse they ride aren’t they so great, so that’s not what that’s about. The “everything is a rescue” mentality also makes me gag. I bought my horse fair and square, and I will be the first to tell people that (I did get a hell of a deal though, considering how she turned out). However, Pearl is undoubtedly in a better place mentally than when I first met her. She was a school horse at the barn I rode at in college, in the land of “if it ain’t a Quarter Horse that eats 2 flakes of hay and can be locked in a stall 23.5/7 without losing its everloving shit, it must be nuts.” Blah blah breed bias blah, but basically, you can’t do that with a Trakehner, especially one that was not too long before (I think?) on broodmare duty and as such probably, you know, saw the light of day every so often. Also, lunging at a gallop for half an hour every day to the point where the horse is too exhausted/sore to canter under saddle is not an acceptable substitute for regular turnout. My first spring with Pearl, she was literally too wired to handgraze– she would spook at the slightest noise/visual stimulus/imaginary monster/whatever and spin circles around you. Being the self-deprecating little thing I am, I’m not one to immediately jump to “omg my horse loves me the bestest,” but I can say that Pearl has fared far better as a one-person horse than on a lesson string. Am I the be-all end-all perfect rider for her? Doubtful. But for whatever reason, we clicked, she allowed me to become “her person,” and I worked my ass off to make her my horse.

ANYWAYS. Fast forward a couple years. Instead of “crap, I’m supposed to ride Pearl for my lesson,” Pearl is now a fun horse that I can let my friends ride and they’ll at least pretend to enjoy it. She’s only been ridden by a handful of people besides me in the time I’ve had her, and all of them are at or above my level. So when Christy brought up the idea of shareboarding her out to a less experienced rider, I was more than a little apprehensive. But Pearl needs the exercise, Sue needed a horse to ride, and I need the money, so we gave it a shot. And whaddaya know, the horse whose previous seller pulled my mom aside and told me not to let anyone else ride her because “she’s dangerous and you’ll get sued” can pack around beginners pretty damn well. Which makes me just as, if not more, proud of her than the idea of moving her up the levels in dressage/eventing/whatever other pipe dream does. Check out my crazy Trakehner (former) chestnut mare:

She really is something special. So Sue is now going to ride her 3 days a week. I’ve been very fortunate to catch rides on other folks’ horses while building my riding career, and now I finally get a chance to share mine. Sue lessoned on Pearl a bit after I did, and she was foot perfect.


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